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Hot New Summer Listing!

3 Beautiful Building Lots in Rex Park Subdivision with a Peek-a-boo View of Lake Geneva


Reasonably priced and ready to build are Lots #194, 195 and 196 of Rex Park Subdivision which also includes 2 memberships.  These lots are just right for building – not too high or too low and through the tree branches you can see Lake Geneva. Only asking $12,000


Directions to Lots #194, 195 and 196 of Rex Park Subdivision at Canada Creek Ranch (CCR).


  1. Come in to CCR’s front entrance and take *Beach House Trail

  2. When you come to a stop sign at Lake Geneva, then turn right along Lake Shore

  3. Turn right onto Bunny Run

  4. Go up the hill on Bunny Run and follow it to Spikehorn

  5. Look to your right and you will see 2 Canada Creek Realty signs conveying the whereabouts of the 3 lots for sale with a peek-a-boo view of Lake Geneva.

CCR Membership Lot #194


CCR Building Lots #195 & #196


If interested, contact Judith Grenkowicz, (989) 785-6333

Recently Sold

Home / Cottage with 6 Lots & 2 Memberships

Delightful year-round  home or vacation get-away with an old-fashioned cabin coziness and a bit of contemporary appeal. A cozy enclosed sunporch or what some  might call a Lanai with unique cabin windows that open from the inside of the house to the sunporch (Lanai). There is a majestic 6-foot stone fireplace with an electric gas insert. Plank type hardwood floors are a focal center throughout the house. Unattached and within 5 feet of the house is a like-new  garage big enough to house a boat. The roof on the house is metal and installed within the past several years.  Asking Price $150,000.


Contact. Judith Tibbetts/Grenkowicz/Broker & Owner of Canada Creek Realty.  A Virtual Real Estate Company at 23350 Painted Pony Trail Atlanta, MI 49709.MI.

Visit us at or phone:  989-785-6333 for further information.


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